Grain spoilage is a problem that continues to cost farmers substantial amounts of money each year. IntraGrain Technologies Inc. offers an affordable system that allows grain farmers the ability to monitor stored grain from anywhere in the world, via the internet and mobile phone.

IntraGrain’s founder, Kyle Folk grew up in a small farming community in Saskatchewan, Canada and understands the importance of staying connected to the farm. After witnessing a financial loss on the family farm caused by heated grain, Folk began searching for a convenient solution that would allow him easy access to the farm and enable him to be proactive in preventing another loss. Several years later, Folk’s system was developed by engineers in Saskatchewan and is an expedient way for grain farmers across Canada and the world to monitor grain temperature.


“In a business where many uncontrollable risk factors directly affect profits, it makes sense to eliminate risk wherever and whenever possible. Regardless of the size of your farm, grain heating can be controlled. At IntraGrain Technologies Inc., we understand that you need to be connected to your farm. We understand the importance of safely storing your grain. We are here to help you succeed.”

– IntraGrain Technologies Inc. President Kyle Folk